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  • British White Cattle in Southeast Texas
    British White cattle are polled, extremely docile, white cattle with black points immortalized in ancient literature for their milk, their beef and their uniquely beautiful markings. They were known as Park Cattle in the United Kingdom from the Middle Ages until 1946. In 1946,polled breeders of the park cattle and horned breeders of the park cattle split and the polled variety was thereafter called British White. The British White breed, while still of limited numbers, is flourishing in the United Kingdom once again and in many regions around the world as more ranchers recognize the excellence of this ancient breed. While they bring unique beauty to your pastures, they also bring excellence in fertility, calving ease, milkiness, hardiness, docility, and excellent carcass quality.
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  • RLC Farms British White Cattle-Central Minnesota
    British White cattle are the easiest cattle to have around, are beautiful, docile, easy calving, superior milking capability, and almost maintenance-free! Try the healthy beef--grass-fed, full of Omega-3s, and just tastes great. Interested in turning your range into British White? Call us at 320-279-2789 or visit us on the web: www.britishwhitebeef.com -- you'll be glad you did!
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  • Lazy G Ranches British White Cattle
    Formerly the British White was a dual-purpose animal, producing both beef and milk, but the modern focus for the animal is for meat production. The dual-purpose heritage means that many cows are good milk producers, allo wing calves to grow very well when the cows' diet consists of grass alone. British Whites are also able to thrive on very poor pasture such as marshland and heathland, making them suitable for use in managing natural pasture habitats of high nature conservation value. The British White is very docile � sometimes becoming so much so that herding them becomes difficult and they must be led using feed as bait, or one must train them to come to your call in hopes of treats or fresh pasture. Call (940) 8450-4958 for your next seed stock needs
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  • British White Beef Cattle
    Information about British White Cattle and look alikes and/or a link to where it is available. You will find British White Cattle & Association Information such as; Advertising Ideas, Breeders Guide (Rules & Regulations), Breed Up programs, Fee Schedule, Membership List, Semen for sale, History in America, Heritability Chart, Photo Gallery (Pictures), Profitable Traits, Cattle Sales, Cattle Shows, Links to other British White Sites and much more cattle related information.
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  • Bohaty's British White Cattle
    British White Cattle are moderate sized, polled animals with a white hair coat with black tips(eyes, ears, nose, and feet)and black skin pigmentation. They are noted for fertility, calving ease, and efficiency. They have a lean and tender carcass with superior milking ability and hardiness.
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  • British White Cattle Ranch in East Texas
    British White cattle are uniquely beautiful in the beef cattle world being milk-white with black ears, eyes, muzzle, and hooves. They are quite possibly the most docile breed of cattle you can have in your pastures. The beef is genetically tender and lean with about 1/4 inch of backfat at finishing, yet well and finely marbled for flavor. British Whites on test typically grade 80% choice or better. Stop by and see this beautiful herd of ancient British White cattle thriving in East Texas pastures. Ranch phone: 409-837-2338. Web address: www.texasbritishwhitecattle.com.
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